What Is An Algae Scrubber?

An Algae Scrubber is a type of filter, its very simple but very effective, water cascades over a surface that gets light and Algae naturally Builds up feeding on aquarium waist such as nitrate, and growing from the light it takes in.

Are Algae Scrubbers any good?

Absolutely! For marine, tropical and cold water fish they do wonders, an Algae Scrubber is copying what happens in nature, Algae in nature takes out alot of the bad stuff like Nitrate,

(if you want to know more hares a link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algae

Benefits of an Algae Scrubber :

-  It feeds the lower end of the food  chain

-  It oxygenates water

-  It Takes out nitrates

-  In salt water tanks it gets ride of that brown algae by eating its food source

-  Algae will feed on the fish waist and help break it down

- it replenishes nutrients into the water meaning less water changes are needed

- It keeps water nice and clear but with out taking out the things needed for the fish

Draw backs of an Algae Scrubber :

- It requires cleaning off every once in a while so that new algae has a chance to grow

- It needs Lights to grow so if your not near natural light you will need to keep your tank light on as if you are growing plants

- there are not the nicest looking of things so its good if you can conceal it in the hood of the tank out of site. 

If you would like to buy one please contact us and let us know by email, currently 

£19.99 + free postage.  

This is a video of Day 1 of the Algae Scrubber