Product Information 

Much higher quality than those sagging net based dividers, these self standing dividers are quality made from clear  polycarbonate 4mm sheets and have the following features:

- Very tough (polycarbonate is used for bullet proof glass, helmet visors and police riot van windows)      

- Able to use in any aquarium (fish friendly material) 

- Self standing 

- Easy to clean 

- Hole size to your instruction (default 8mm) allowing water flow. 

- Suits gravel or bare base aquariums 

- Reasonably priced (polycarbonate is an expensive product but due to volume of sales we are able to give a          competitive and fair price.)     


please follow the link below to find out the price of your divider. please note all dividers that are 600mm x 600mm or smaller are a set price of £34.99 + £3.99 postage any larger please contact us first for a quote.

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